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11 Interesting Facts About me, and 1 Boring.

11 Interesting Facts About me, and 1 Boring.

  1. I’m a stay at home dad that loves to cook and spend time with my wife (the Groupie Wife) and be a Rock Star for my two kids (aka, the lil roadies.)
  2.  I am passionate about being a part of the milestones in my kids lives. I was able to be with my daughter on her first day of school and was there to see her in her end of school program.
  3. I got to put my sons toddler bed together and be there the first time he slept in it during nap time.
  4. I love every part of being a dad. Even the not so fun parts. You know what I mean…
  5. I am passionate about promoting and supporting small businesses in South Carolina. It’s in my blood. I grew up helping my dad and uncle in their vending business. I then got to work with my wife and in-laws in their business for several years.
  6. I decided to combine my two passions, creating Out of my Mind, LLC. I mean, I must be out of my mind starting my own business instead of getting a regular job, right?
  7. The Groupie Wife and I combined forces to take over the world. Sort of. She is one heck of a photographer (see this) that loves families as much as I do. Working together is all we’ve known and all we’ve loved, so why not?
  8. I offer videography services to capture those milestones in your and your family’s life. From first birthdays, school programs, little league games; to adult birthdays (like my gramma’s 90th), anniversary milestones and beyond.
  9. I create heart warming and fun movies that hi-light the milestones in your life, ones that you will want to watch over and over again. Check it out!
  10. I am also in the works of helping small businesses navigate social media marketing through hands on consulting and shooting online videos. So stay tuned!
  11. My other site is full of good recipes, some mine and some others, along with what is happening in Columbia.
  12. One of my tattoos is from LA Ink.

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Thanks for visiting my site and I hope you stick around. Keep on rockin’.

Kevin Wray

Rock Star Dad

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