Strawberry Fields

I’ve had a lot of people ask me, “So what do you do?”

My reply, “I am a videographer, more or less. I turn your families milestones into cinematic memories.”

To which I am then asked, “What do you mean?”

It is a lot easier for me to show you, than to tell you.

Here is a slide show I put together of our family picking strawberries. My mom was in town, so we got together with one of our neighbors and went out to Cottle Strawberry Farm. My wife, Captured by {J} Marie, took tons of pictures as our lil roadies ran up and down through the strawberry fields, squealing with delight every time they picked a strawberry. And I had the opportunity to watch my mom, walk with her grand babies, help them pick juicy strawberries, and just be a grandma to them. It is something I will cherish forever.

Like most people, we downloaded our pictures onto our computers and filed them away. But I decided to do something else. I took those pictures and created what you see here. Now, my family and I can relive them again. They are not just pictures anymore, but a piece of time…a moment…that we can watch over and over. (And, my kids LOVE watching themselves!)

Let me help you invest in your memories by creating a one of a kind story…your story…to live again and again. Find out how by clicking here.


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  1. Mrs Picklebaum says:

    What an adorable picture. Your a great photographer.

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