Smell the Memories

I was headed out for the morning. Working from home is great, but ironically I need to leave the house sometimes to get work done. This was one of those mornings. I swung by McDonald’s to pick up breakfast .(Bacon, egg and cheese…the best.) I walked in and smelled something. No, it was not the fries or biscuits. It was not the smell of their apple pies. I really can’t tell you what I smelled, all I can tell you is that the smell took me back to vacationing with my grandmother.

I was no longer in McDonald’s, I was an 8 year old boy heading out of town with my grandmother. I was in Cheerookee again, having my picture taken with an Indian Chief and going to see the play, “Unto these Hills.” I was at a Holiday Inn playing in the pool with my brother and cousins, while my grandmother sat at a table reading the latest issue of Cosmo.

My mother-in-law "Gigi" and the lil roadies.

I lost my grandmother, “Bama” (pronounced, bam-aw) in 2007. My grandfather, “Paw-paw” passed last year. A few months after Bama passed, my wife and I found out we were pregnant with our first child, a little girl. My daughter Ginny was born on Bama’s birthday, July 30th on the exact day Bama was born.

So, I stood there for a few moments, inhaling deeply and relished the time I had, once again, to go on vacation with my Bama. I’m sure she and Paw-paw were right beside me, enjoying those memories too. I then proceeded to the front counter and ordered my breakfast. What started out as a morning to “get things done” turned into a memory vacation. Memories are powerful.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

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  1. pinkusingh21 says:

    my childhood memory is the time i spend with my darling grand ma… she is my best buddy my everythng.. she is my life.. after her death i feel like me 2 dead.. n 2dy i m 30 bt dere is no life
    without her… miss u badly maa…

  2. R0s@e T. says:

    I honestly have way too many. My grandmother lived in Zimbabwe, which is in Southern Africa. But I had so many memories of going to visit her. I live in North Carolina. But there are mornings that I wake up and go outside, and the breeze or weather just reminds me of weather there, and on those unique days all i can remember are all the times I spent with her.

  3. bananamuffin says:

    this is really nice. and theres always some sort of curiosity in coinsidences… if they are coincidences… im glad, i still have my grandma, and i grew up there, spending the whole summer with her at her household, playing with the dogs and cats, and collecting the eggs from the chickens. adorable village memories during this kind of rush city life.

  4. pricejamie95 says:

    My favorite childhood memories is… I’m not sure I haven’t finished my childhood :)

  5. LeviSnowden says:

    I see this is an older post, but I couldnt help but think of my grandfather as I read this. I lost “Pap” early 2011, as I was finishing some job training in Texas. I almost didnt make his funeral, as I changed out of my uniform in the back of my brothers car when he picked me up from the air port. Anytime I smell chicken noodle soup, I almost immediately find myself in his house, sitting watching a Braves game with Pap, eating my chicken noodle soup. I cherish all the memories I have of him, and I thank you for your great post.


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